• Popp 009501Flow Stop gas/water shut-off controller

Popp 009501Flow Stop gas/water shut-off controller

  • Brand: POPP
  • Product Code: POPE009501
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Overflowing bathtubs, leaking washing machines or defects to gas and water pipelines – damages can occur almost anywhere and cause immense costs. The POPP Flow Stop shutoff can prevent this – thanks to Z-Wave.

Flow Stop is a motor operated shut-off controller for automatic flow stop of gas and water pipes. It is equipped with Z-Wave technology. This means it is particularly suitable for use in smart homes. Even installation is child’s play.

The POPP Flow Stop is delivered completely including valve control/motor, power supply, mounting and Quick Start Guide and is easy to assembly on the existing ball stop valve. In doing so, all usual pipe standards, including ½ " and ¾“, are possible. On this occasion no pipes must be dismantled or even water must be drained. That way the installation is normally done in 5-10 minutes. 

Effective immediately the Popp Flow Stop supports secure communication (Security Command Class) within a Z-Wave network and comes with a new and improved firmware version.  

The following changes apply: Communication to the flow stop is now secured with encryption. This does not only protect the device against burglars that want to do harm to the home (e.g. waste water by opening the valve to watering system). It’s also protecting better against jamming of the communication link.

Configuration of the local LED: The user can now decide if the blue LED shall indicate open or close state

Unsolicited report of any state change of the flow stop to the controller. Second communication channel to report manual operation of the device. Here up to 5 other devices can be operated independent of the controller. The remote operation of the device can be limited to „no“, „only open“ or „only close“ to further protect against malfunction. All these security features are available only with the Popp Flow Stop! Comparable devices do not support these features.  

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