• FIBARO FGBWHWPF-102 Wall Plug Type F (HomeKit)

FIBARO FGBWHWPF-102 Wall Plug Type F (HomeKit)

  • Brand: FIBARO
  • Product Code: FIB_FGBWHWPF-102
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FIBARO Wall Plug is a HomeKit-enabled smart plug using Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth low energy wireless technology. This remotely controlled outlet adapter is equipped with an active power and energy metering function. It uses a LED ring to visualize current consumption and status. The Wall Plug may be operated using the button on the casing or via an iOS mobile app through Wi-Fi.


  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit technology,
  • Wi-Fi for wireless communication,
  • Detects if electrical device is connected to it,
  • Measures active power consumption,
  • Measures energy consumption,
  • easy installation,
  • indicates state and consumption using multicolor LeD ring

Technical Details: 

  • Power supply: 230V AC, 50 Hz
  • Rated load current: 10A - continuous load
  • Power output (for resistive load): 2300W - continuous load
  • To be used with E or F type (Schuko) sockets:
  • CEE 7/16 - max load 2.5A
  • CEE 7/17 - max load 10A
  • Dual type plugs E/F
  • EU directives compliance: RED 2014/53/EU; RoHS 2011/65/EU
  • Pollution Degree: 2 (home and office use, indoor only)
  • Radio protocol: IEEE 802.11n; Bluetooth® low energy
  • Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Transmit power: 14 dBm (Wi-Fi); 8 dBm (BLE)
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C (32-104°F)
  • Temperature measuring range: 0-40°C (32-104°F)
  • Dimensions (diameter x height): 43 x 65 mm (1.7" x 2.56")
  • Safety classification rating: home and office use only
  •  Type 1 action according to features of automatic action as per clause 6.4.1 of EN 60730-1:2012 standard.
  • Software class A device, according to EN 60730-1:2012 standard.

 Use Case:

  1. Certainty - Now you do not have to go back to check whether you have turned off the iron, FIBARO WallPlug keeps an eye on plugged in devices.
  2. Gentle illumination - The Wall Plug\'s amazing LED ring illuminates with a pale blue or white light while it’s connected to the power outlet, which ideally plays a role of a bedside lamp.
  3. Just in time - works on schedule
  4. Parental control - control your children\'s learning time or fun and automatically turn off potentially dangerous devices when you are not around.
  5. Money-savings - With schedules of devices, it is possible to switch them on the night rate - when the fees are lower.
  6. Smart management - Turns off in stand-by mode.   

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